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A simple to use, accurate, live timing system for Head Races and Time Trials. Row Timer can be used on any smartphone where there is 3G+ signal without the need to download an app. Read more about how it works here. Row Timer is a fast growing community. There are {{ numRegisteredClubs.toLocaleString() }} registered clubs with {{ numEvents.toLocaleString() }} public, club-only and private events between them{{ (numEventsLastWeek > 2) ? ', ' + numEventsLastWeek.toLocaleString() + ' of those in the last week' : (numEventsLastMonth > 4) ? ', ' + numEventsLastMonth.toLocaleString() + ' of those in the last month' : '' }}. Join the {{ numRegisteredClubs.toLocaleString() }} other clubs benefiting from instant GMT analytics, accurate times and private events in the most convenient rowing timing system around. Sign up now