Through this page you can see times converted to a Percentage Gold Medal Time (%GMT). This analytic calculates the crew speed as a percentage of the World Record speed. %GMT ignores fatigue over distance, and conditions (stream/wind) as it is assumed that these comparisons will be fair for crews in the same division. This means that races longer than 2km will naturally produce lower %GMTs, and races shorter could produce higher - depending on stream!

%GMT is a really useful way of comparing crews that are in different boat classes, e.g. it is possible for an Open 8+ to go faster than an Open 2-, but for the pair to be nearer to the 100%GMT, and therefore be judged to be the better crew.

Unfortunately, there are no %GMT calculations possible for 4x+ or 8x+ as these are not Olympic/World class boat classes.

If you can't see your time below it's because there is no known Gold Medal Time for your category or your category is not in a standard format... or there is no recorded final time for you.

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